• Chillers air cooled

    We rent our air-cooled chillers at short notice for any need and performance requirement.

  • Mobile air conditioners

    You can get mobile air conditioners from us at short notice and reliably adapted to your needs.

Our modern cooling systems quickly at your site

With our mobile chillers for rent, you get modern, energy-saving premium chillers. Especially with rental refrigeration systems , it is essential that they fit optimally with your cooling system and work absolutely reliably. Our chillers – also called liquid chillers – are specially modified for rental and therefore technically well equipped.

Thanks to the completely digital remote control of all our rental refrigeration systems, we can program and control all systems remotely without the need for a technician to be on site. If you wish, you can also install your refrigeration system yourself. Automatic bypass systems and our self-cleaning shell-and-tube evaporator also guarantee maximum reliability for your refrigeration network. Speed-controlled fans make our cooling systems economical and energy-efficient. In addition, all our rental systems are particularly quiet and weight-optimized.

Whether in case of refrigeration system failure or refrigeration emergency or simply for cooling during peak loads in summer, we are available as well as for conversions of the refrigeration network or for the cooling supply of your process cooling or even air conditioning applications. The air conditioners for rent up to 10 kW, they can easily install or assemble themselves and can save additional costs. If you need it fast, you will receive it the same day by express.

However, bridging refrigeration also requires quick solutions in terms of accessories. Our warehouse is prepared for all eventualities, whether flange connections, quick coupling systems, heat exchangers, tanks or pump modules.

Our rental air conditioning solutions include e.g.

With our large air handlers from 15 -350 kW each we can air condition almost all rooms and industrial halls.

  • small monobloc air conditioners
  • Split air conditioners for commercial and industrial use
  • Measuring air conditioning
  • Refrigerated and frozen storage
  • Office air conditioning
  • Server room air conditioning
  • Hall air conditioning

Wherever temporary air conditioning units are needed, you are well equipped with our professional air conditioning units for rent. Remote maintenance of our rental chillers allows us to access the system at any time, guaranteeing you the greatest possible security.

Our refrigeration & air conditioning experts have years of experience and can help you choose the right system. Call us or send us an email. We will be happy to advise you!

Production cooling / laser cooling / plastic cooling / polymer cooling / machine cooling / wine cooling / process cooling / food production / beverage production / robot cooling / process cooling / eroding machine cooling / injection molding equipment cooling / fermentation cooling / experimental cooling / milk cooling / engines cooling / tank cooling / container cooling / printing equipment cooling / biogas equipment cooling / paint line cooling / electroplating cooling / server room cooling / IT cooling

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