Our water-cooled chillers can be used very flexibly. With process temperatures from -45°C to 25°C, the chillers are suitable not only for bearing cooling and cooling sections, but also for machine and tool cooling. They are equipped with a remote maintenance system so that we can access them at any time and are extremely fail-safe due to the specially designed shell and tube heat exchanger. Our water cooled chillers are available with and without cabinet .

The water-cooled chillers can be used in a variety of applications:

  • Polymer cooling
  • Machine cooling
  • Injection mold cooling
  • Laser cooling
  • Heat exchanger cooling
  • Bearing cooling
  • IT cooling
  • Extruder cooling
  • Air conditioning applications for industrial halls
  • Hydraulic cooling
  • Welding robot cooling
  • Cooling sections
  • Server room cooling
  • uvm.

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