Mobile air conditioners

Our mobile air conditioners are not only flexible & mobile in use, but can also be moved and set up quickly and easily by technically inexperienced people. If required, we can also deliver and install the air conditioners for you on the same day.

What we offer:

  • Mobile air conditioners with exhaust hose (3.5 KW power)
  • Mobile air conditioners without exhaust hose / only with water hose connection (4-6.7 KW power)
  • Air conditioners with cold air hose (7 KW power)
  • Large air conditioners in conjunction with chillers (15-150 KW capacity each).
  • Air conditioners for fixed installation (various performance classes)

These air conditioners can be used in many ways, including for...

  • Event cooling
  • Office or retail store cooling
  • Room cooling
  • Production cooling
  • uvm.
  • Seminar or meeting room cooling
  • Kitchen or tent cooling
  • Server room cooling
  • Bearing cooling

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