Our refrigeration technology professionals take care of your system

Our service staff are certified refrigeration air conditioning mechatronics technicians with many years of experience in refrigeration. They specialize in all chillers and are very familiar with their hydraulics, including special applications and temporary refrigeration solutions.

We do not only service and maintain our own CF Chiller products, but we also take care of other brands. In order to avoid future malfunctions, it is a matter of course for us to check your system thoroughly every time it is used and not only during service. We will also be happy to advise you on optimizing your refrigeration system.

We offer them the following services :

  • Service, maintenance & repair of chillers / water chillers / brine chillers.
  • Service & maintenance for air conditioning systems / compound systems / heat pumps / drying systems / cold stores / deep freeze stores / cold rooms
  • Reconstruction of existing refrigeration networks and refrigeration plants
  • Repair / compressor replacement / compressor replacement or repair / control cabinet repair / programming of refrigeration systems & controls
  • Hydraulic adaptation and design of refrigeration networks and process cooling
  • Specialized in cryogenic refrigeration systems as well as cascade refrigeration
  • We offer the annual leakage test at particularly favorable conditions for this we provide you gladly an offer.

Call us or write an email and make an appointment!

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