Maximum safety for enclosed spaces

  • Plus X Award Winner
  • 100% fresh air in the displacement principle
  • 100% hygiene concept compliant
  • High savings in energy costs
  • Environmentally friendly due to reduced CO2 pollution
  • Installation time: Only 1 day
  • Heat recovery: 94% maximum
  • Extremely quiet operation: 34 (db)A Max
  • Requirements of the federal government met 100%
  • No structural changes necessary

Help to further contain the pandemic!

Implement the infection control measures required by the federal government with our cost-effective solution for professional ventilation.

Our Anti Covid BOX – your hygiene concept

The principle of operation:

The Anti Covid Box works according to the displacement air principle. In the process, approx. 3 C° colder, fresh air is blown in from below. This flows upwards with the thermals emanating from technical equipment, body heat and the exhaled air (aerosols) and is extracted. The resulting air circuit prevents mixing of the room air. The air flows from the bottom to the top.

Therefore, turbulent mixed ventilation is not recommended. In general, all normal ventilation systems work according to this principle, as well as recirculation and filtering devices that filter the Corona virus. In the process, the virus can be distributed in an uncontrolled manner before it is eventually fit.

  • Benefits not only against covid & flu, but also against other airborne bacteria and viruses
  • CO2 reduction in rooms provides an increase in concentration and acts against bad odors.
  • No distribution of air over several rooms in air ducts
  • Installed in one day: plug and play application
  • No construction measures or structural changes necessary, so no visual impairments either
  • Ideally suited for classrooms, offices, meeting rooms and restaurants

Scientific proof: Anti Covid Box vs. window ventilation

The Anti Covid Box was developed for use in schools. Results of extensive tests prove theCO2 reduction. For this, our product was awarded the Plus X Award. When measured with window ventilation, the CO2 content never dropped below 500ppm over 3 days!

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